i miss cosplaying korra ;A;




Reblog if you create infinite numbers of stories for your character in your head that never get written or rped




► 12 Days of Korra: Do you prefer LOK or ATLA?

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errrbody in the club gettin tipsy





I always ask:
"did someone do a cover or is this just pitched"
this question haunts me

jesus christ

Equalist Korra and her customized uniform





It’s been a while since I’ve drawn a stupid Korra comic so I thought WHY NOT and doodled one quickly.

Favoritism is pretty much the only reason why Korra hasn’t been demoted to a desk job.

I apologize for my fugly as hell handwriting.

What if… Amon comes back as Noatak?

What if somehow, Amon survived the explosion. Imagine him instinctively using his bloodbending to feel Tarrlok’s reach for the electrified glove. A tear falls from his face as the gas tank is ignited. Water shoots up from the side of the boat from the ocean below, surrounding Noatak as it freezes and encases him in a block of ice. 
His cursed bending that which he hated for so long, had just infact saved his life. Tarrlok had been instantaneously incinerated in that blast. No chance of survival, but somehow Noatak had been given that second chance to start over again, thanks to his bending. Amon was dead but Noatak, the gifted northern watertribe runaway had still been alive inside of him. 

Somehow I would actually like to see a plot like this in book 3. Noatak could come back and possibly get involved with the White lotus. An insanely powerful waterbender uses his charisma and wit to manipulate the White Lotus into turning against the Avatar.

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